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  • 地址:绍兴上虞百官工业园区江广路
  • 电话:0575-82219365 82205258
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  • 手机:13806761365
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      绍(shao)兴市上虞区J9九游会AG摄影器材(cai)有(you)限公司创建于二零零七年,坐落于美丽的上虞区内,位于浙江省东北部,地处杭州湾南岸、杭州市和宁波市之间,与上海市隔海相望。系以生产“J9九游会AG”品牌系列产品的摄影器材专业生产企业. 目前厂区占地面积20000余平方米,建筑面积约20000平方米,员工近200人;拥有实力雄厚的技术人员和先进的生产、测试设备,以及完善的质量管理体系.多年来一直以振兴民族摄影器材事业为己任,通过不懈努力和与业内资深摄影师共同探讨,研制开发出一系列专业摄影器材.重点产品为各式柔光箱、摄影伞、各式反光板、亮棚、亮箱、摄影小帐篷及DV拍摄(肩托、滑轨、LED灯等)等系列产品共计一千余种。J9九游会AG 将提供最热情的服务和最好的品质。J9九游会AG 真诚地欢迎来自世界各地的您加入J9九游会AG ,一起创造美好的未来。

      Shaoxing Shangyu Lifei Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd.founded in 2007, is a professional manufacturer of photographic equipment. The company commits itself to develop qualified quality products depending on modern technology, the intense sense of responsibility and spirit of innovation. The products include soft boxes, reflector discs, photo umbrellas, photo sheds, continuous lighting system, flashlight accessories series, and other camera accessories. There are about 1000 different types. Not only produce our own LIFE brand, but also available for OEM service as well. The company has more than 200 of Professional engineers and skilled operators to make products with good performance and qualified quality. It wins good reputation from both at home and abroad. The company covered an area of 20000 square meters and the building area of 20000 square meters, lied in a beautiful city,Shangyu.It is located in the northeast of Zhejiang province,among the south of bank of Hangzhou bag,Hangzhou city and Ningbo city.Shangyu and Shanghai are facing each other across the sea.Due to unique geographical advantage, it is very convenient for travel and product transportation by land, sea or air. “Responsible for products all time, Ready to satisfy customers always” is our principle. We will continue to provide excellent products with the best quality and most cordial service. We sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to join us and build a bright future together.

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